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Thursday, June 07, 2012


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Cindy Tekobbe

How did students respond to the critique of search engines? Most of the first year students I teach respond with skepticism, I think, because they're so familiar with Google. They seem to feel that library search engines are more complicated to use because choosing search terms are filters is unfamiliar to them. Do you build in assignments to improve their familiarity?

Jean Kilker

Guiding our high school students to the most efficient methods of doing research saves them time in college and gives them practice with the most authoritative sources. If they continually practice with the subscription databases, they should automatically use those in college. What is comfortable is usually what students use over and over again. During a workshop with our state university English department and librarians, school librarians and high school English teachers learned that a significant percent of failures in first year college English is caused by lack of good research skills.
Our students also learn to be efficient notetakers. By reading online and taking notes (with matching citations) that can be edited, they save printing costs and have all drafts available as saved files.

Carrie Deahl


Thank you for your comment. Keep me posted on how this works out for you. I also encourage you to check out this post: http://carriedeahl.typepad.com/the-real-deahl/2012/04/the-c-p-a-my-go-to-research-strategy.html

You should recognize this from your junior year. I think I showed you how to use it with a persuasive piece.

Italia Aranda

This is a great post! I'm actually having to do a lot of lit searches for my research lab this summer and I have to use EBSCO constantly. This will help me keep my research very organized. Thank you!

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