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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


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There aren't many teachers who understand that a methodical approach like this can mean the difference between a classroom of chaos and one of peace that allows learning. If asked to come up with classroom behaviors, students themselves would come up with a plan similar to this. Establish this plan at the beginning of the year and remain consistent in enforcing those procedures, and a lot of learning will take place.
Having a classroom ready when students enter and having students know where to look what to do when they enter and when they leave will end those "shhhhhhhhhs" and "Be Quiet!" admonitions. It makes things easier for students and teachers. It creates the atmosphere that shows the students that the teacher is serious about teaching and helps the students become serious about learning.


These are very helpful guidelines. I always tell my students to do a lot of annotation on their article copies. The research paper process would go so much more smoothly if the students would trust that the advice they get from teachers like you, who really care about them as people and learners, actually help the whole thing go more smoothly.
I realize that students don't do a heck of a lot of reading of their sources when they are working on a research paper as evidenced so clearly by the patchwork quilt they turn in; however, if they did read, not only would they turn in a better document, but they'd also, just maybe, learn something.
I'm glad to see that someone has finally abandoned the old notecards theory--which was outdated years ago and is still being used by teachers in many colleges throughout the US. Kudos to you for coming up with an organized procedure for the researching and prewriting stages of writing research papers.

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