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Monday, January 30, 2012


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Alaina Adams

Since our students are processing information and becoming readers in digital ways we never thought possible growing up, helping them understand how to use emoticons is a clever way to help them understand what they are reading. When Myspace first launched, I began to use the terminology associated with these emoticons to create vocabulary lessons so that students would, not only pick the correct emotion when they were online, but could more easily identify the tone of things we read in class.

So when I heard about your use of emoticons to help students read with feeling - I was intrigued. And tried it. And it worked! The students really hated it when I read monotone to make my point and made strides in reading with feeling from that point forward.

Thanks for sharing this strategy and for helping me find engaging ways to help my students focus on pitch, rhythm, volume *and* tone.

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